Wagering Requirement on Free Spins

What is Wagering Requirements At Online Casinos?

Online casinos are generous in the free money they give players to sign up and play at their casinos. To make this feasible for the casinos they place wagering requirements on the players. These offset the risks of the casino when they issue free money. The details of each casinos wagering requirements are listed in the terms and conditions of each individual casino and they do vary.

A wagering requirement is how many times a player must play using their bonus and their deposit before the casino will allow the player to cash out. The risk management team representing the casino is responsible for the determination of this number. The higher the amount of the initial cash bonus the more number of wagers required for the player to cash out. The less strict bonuses usually require fifteen times wagers with the stricter bonuses as high as forty times required wagers.

An excellent example is a 100 percent match bonus giving the player $100 free cash. The player would have made a deposit of $200 to claim the bonus. The average wagering requirement on this amount would be twenty times wagers. Since $200 multiplied by twenty is $4000, they player must make $4,000 worth of wagers before they can cash out.